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We began our farm in response to our growing awarness of the unsustainability of the use of fossil fuels, the effects of global climate change, and the concentration and growth of the industrial food system.  We realized that, as intimidating as these issues seem to be, a simple shift towards sustainable local food production can help to resolve them.  In addition, locally produced food contributes to the strength and resiliency of our local economy and builds our community connections. 


The name LaJoyia, a family name, was chosen to honor our family's food traditions, and to express our joy in growing produce.  Without extensive farming experience, but full of passion and enthusiasm, we began our farm with a dozen fruit trees, forty chickens and a vegetable plot. 


We grow our vegetables, herbs, salad mixes, and fruits using organic methods, building our soil with many locally available amendments.  Mulching and drip irrigation are used for water conservation.  Our soil biology is protected by using minimum tillage, and virtually all work is done by hand.  We incorporate principles of permaculture, biomimicry, and sustainability, working with nature to build a healthy, productive, resilient community on our farm. 

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